Meeting Minutes


Regular Meeting Elkton City Council

December 8, 2016 8:30 a.m.

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Burke, Pat. Paula, Mike, Joan were present, City Staff Gary Linda H and Linda C were present

Visitors: Traci Fall, Commissioner Chris Boice and Wayne Patterson from the Partnership Group.

Election Results:  01=Mike Hughes 02= Ryan Fall 03= Daniel Burke 04= Paula Swanson 05= Joan Smith          06= write ins   07= over votes   08= under votes                                                                                                    

votes   01      02     03    04     05     06     07     08

72      64     74    67     70     3       0      125

According to Elkton Charter the two Council members with the highest votes serve 4 years and the other two serve 2 years. The Council then appoints a Mayor.

Minutes:   Joan moved to approve the minutes with corrections, Mike seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Bills:   Mike moved to approve the bills, Joan seconded, motion passed unanimously.

Communications:  Mayor Burke wrote a letter to the Scottsburg Fire Department in support of DRISC Disaster Relief Interim Support Capability/Development Proposal. In the event of a disaster it is a plan to implement relief for our communities.

Business New and Old:

A.  Lodge Hall: County Commissioner Chris Boice and Wayne Patterson from the Partnership Group discussed with the Council different options for selling the Lodge Hall as well as some incentives to bring desirable business to Elkton. Because there is a need for lodging here the Council agreed it would benefit the community to have a small hotel built where the Lodge Hall is. Wayne Patterson suggested having a Feasibility Study done. He can present to the Industrial Development Board of Douglas County our need for a study and maybe get some money to help pay for the cost. It was agreed the Council will take some time and come up with a list of requirements for selling the Lodge Hall that would benefit the community and present it at the next Council meeting.

B. Public Works:  Nothing to report. Water/Sewer plant running well.

D. Goals Short Term/Long Term: Reapply for the C Street widening Grant. Street lighting; contact ODOT to see what lights they use.

Good of the order: 

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.