Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Elkton City Council

Executive Sessions: 8:45 a.m.   ORS 192.660.(2)(e) Negotiate Real Property Transaction                               

October 11, 2018 8:30 a.m.

Flag Salute

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Burke, Kim Moore,  Ryan Fall and Joan Smith were present. From the City Staff Gary Trout and Linda Cereda.

Minutes:   Joan moved to approve the minutes, Kim seconded, motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan Burke, Kim Moore, Joan Smith and Ryan Fall.

Bills:   Kim moved to approve the bills, Joan seconded, motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan Burke, Kim Moore,  Joan Smith and Ryan Fall

Visitors: Bob Minges from Mountain View Realty, Linda McNamara

Communications:  Mayor Burke read 2 letters;

  1. Jim and Margaret Wardrope from The River Inn requesting a reduction of the water/sewer rates for their business/home.
  2. Several River Road residents signed a letter requesting the City look into what types of homes can be built in the future on River Road. Also proposing the City develop a Long Term Growth plan for the historic section of Elkton

Business New and Old:

  1. Public Works Report:
  • The City is in contract negotiations for the Water Master Plan and Street paving projects.
  • The Council will be doing a tour of the Water Plant next month.
  1. Lodge Hall: VanDorn Enterprise Co did an inspection on the Lodge Hall where the water drains off the roof in back. They presented the City with a bid to shim up the back side but more importantly the water needs to drain away from that area.
  2. City/Logo signs: Ryan moved to adopt the design by Marsha Mello as the new City Logo, Kim seconded. motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Mayor Burke, Kim Moore, Joan smith and Ryan Fall.

The Council agreed that even though Marsha did not want payment the City would send her a gift certificate to a local restaurant and or winery as a thank you.

  1. Credit Card payments: The Council approved the City getting a credit card reader to process credit card/debit payments to the City for water/sewer payments.

Executive Session:  Mayor Burke called the executive session to order.

ORS 192.660.(2)(e) The Executive Session to Negotiate Real Property transaction.

Mayor Burke called the regular meeting backed to order.

  • Joan moved to authorize Mayor Burke to sign on behalf of the City of Elkton on all Real Estate papers and Deeds of Conveyance to the new buyers pertaining to the sale of the Lodge Hall. Property Tax Lot’s 4600, 4700, 4800, 247 First Street Elkton, OR. 97436. Ryan seconded, motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Mayor Burke, Joan Smith, Ryan Fall and Kim Moore.

Goals Short/Long Term:  Not discussed this meeting

Good of the order: 

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.