The Power Is On and Elkton Is Open for Business!

So Many Thanks!

The City of Elkton and surrounding community would like to thank everyone who helped us during our recent storm event.

Special thanks go to:

  • Douglas Electric & Visiting Crews
  • Douglas County Commissioners
  • Douglas County Emergency Management Team
  • Reliance Connects
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • Red Cross & Salvation Army

And all the businesses, individuals and foundations who provided emergency food, fuel, and firewood in the weeks after the storm.

Let’s Celebrate and Support Our Community!

We invite you to come back to Elkton on March 30th & 31st.

Join us Saturday, March 30th to share stories, support our local businesses, and celebrate our community. Restaurants, wineries and other businesses will be open. If you were part of an emergency response crew, wear your logo. We’d love to thank you!

Community Clean Up on Sunday March 31st. To volunteer, contact the Elkton Community Education Center at 541-584-2692 or