Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting

Elkton City Council

April 14, 2022 8:30 a.m.


Flag Salute

Meeting was called to order by Council President Joan Smith, Councilors Present  Dan Shepherd, Kim Moore, from the City Staff Gary Trout and Linda Cereda.

Minutes: Kim moved to approve the minutes, Dan S. seconded. The motion carries 3:0 with yes votes by Joan Smith, Dan S, Kim Moore.

Bills:   Kim moved to approve the bills, Dan S. seconded. The motion carries 3:0 with yes votes by Joan Smith, Dan S, Kim Moore.

Visitors: Marjory Hamann Director of ECEC, Tiffany Sopher ECEC Wellness Project, Americorp Team; Tristan Edwards, Caleb Bentley-Hicks, Isabel Laguarda, David Kyvik, Lauryn Kearney, Mei Pantuso, Carl Welbaum

Communication: Noah Millers leaving his position with the City

Public Input: none

ECEC Update: The Americorp Team is here until mid May. The electrical and plumbing went in at the new building, on the day it snowed, hailed, rained and blew! The Team will be helping finish the building while they are here. Tiffany Sopher is working on a wellness clinic kiosk to be at the building that will include in person contact for social services available, massage therapy, virtual consults with physicians and cooking – nutrition classes. Tiffany is also working with AMERICORP R.A.R.E. Rural Assistance for Rural Environments that involves the UCC Nursing Program to allow students to intern here at the Wellness Clinic

City Report:

  • Gary has begun to work on the 2022-2023 Budget
  • Civil West Engineering is looking into secondary pumps for the water supply. That project was put on hold last year.
  • The Council and Gary will be shifting employee job descriptions around to better suit the needs of the office, also adding a new position to be filled soon.

City Park: The restroom on the road side was vandalized on March 23. This is the second time this happened so the council agreed to invest in another camera for the park. It will show the faces of people entering each restroom in the hopes of stopping and or catching the vandals!

Cyber Security Agreement: Kim moved to Adopt the Cyber Security Agreement, Dan S. seconded, motion carries 3:0 with yes votes by Joan Smith, Kim Moore, Dan Shepherd.

Goal Short/Long Term: reviewed

Good of the order:  Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

This meeting was posted at Elkton Post Office, City Hall and City Website on April 12, 2022

It appeared in the News Review Newspaper on April 13, 2022