Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting Elkton City Council August 12, 2021 8:30 a.m.                                                                                                          Meeting was called to order by Mayor Dan Burke, Joan Smith, Dan Shepherd and Ryan Fall via Zoom, Present from the City Staff Gary Trout and Linda Cereda.

Regular Meeting Minutes: Joan moved to approve the minutes Dan S. seconded. The motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan Burke, Joan Smith, Dan Shepherd, Ryan Fall

Special Meeting Minutes:  Joan moved to approve the minutes, Dan S. seconded, motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan Burke, Joan Smith, Dan Shepherd, Ryan Fall

Bills:   Joan moved to approve the bills, Dan S. seconded. The motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan Burke, Joan Smith, Dan Shepherd, Ryan Fall

Visitors: none

Communication: none

Public Input: none

Business New and Old:

City Report:

  • Gary has begun to incorporate the new LDDO.
  • Letters of non compliance have gone out to people residing in an RV.
  • Businesses with non compliant signs have also received a letter.
  • Gary is soliciting bids for the system pump at the water plant

CPI Water/Sewer Rate Increase: Dan S. moved to approve Resolution #272, Joan seconded, motion carries 4:0 with yes votes by Dan burke, Joan Smith, Dan Shepherd, Ryan Fall

Goals Short/Long term: reviewed

Good of the order:  Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Public Workshop

August 24, 2021   6:00 p.m.

Elkton City Hall,  366 First Street 

Mayor Burke called the meeting to Order.

Shon Heern with Dave Evans and Associates explained the overall project and presented some photos showing the changes. There is no exact date when the project will start but hoping for next summer.

The main 3 concerns are

  1. pedestrian safety
  2. parking
  3. turning radius 


  • O.D.O.T. ; Josh Lonie, Teresa Dewald, Don Latham
  • Dave Evans & Associates; Eric Wilder, Lance Hunt, Shon Heern, Eric Wilder
  • Community; Paula Swanson, Paul Anderson, Julia Swearingen, Dan Shepherd, Kim Moore, Ryan Fall, Joan Smith, Marty Tomaselli, Jennifer Wolfe, Brian Hiatt, Sue & Terry Brandborg, Stacey Jenkins, Ray Miller, Kim Trimpert, Mayor Burke, Gary Trout, Linda Cereda


Public Input: Paula Swanson presented a letter to everyone re: crosswalks, pedestrian safety, thank you for communicating with our community.

Some of the concerns of the community are:

  • Will there be zebra striping at the new bulb outs? Answer: Shon H. Not at this time
  • Has a study been done during a busy Friday – Sunday or was it a rainy Tuesday? Answer: Shon H. Not exactly sure when the study was done, it is a work in progress.
  • What Grants are available for crosswalk lighting? Answer: Dan B. It is a work in progress
  • Is this ODOT project working on just ADA ramps or crosswalks, slowing down traffic and pedestrian safety? Answer: Shon H. at this time the funding is for bringing the ramps up to ADA Compliance only.
  • When ODOT comes out and marks where the improvements will be, will the community still have a chance for input and possibly changes? Answer: Shon H. yes

Dan Burke ; After the bulb outs and ramps are done ODOT will do another traffic study to see how it affects traffic in our downtown corridor. ODOT has found in the past that these types of bulb out/ramps slow traffic down as it appears to the drivers that the road has narrowed.

At this point in the workshop the community had the chance to speak individually with each representative from ODOT and Dave Evans & Associates. The workshop concluded at 7:00 p.m.